Penis Envy Shrooms

Penis Envy Shrooms

Penis Envy Shrooms


Penis envy shrooms, also known as PES, is a type of psychedelic mushroom that was first discovered in Mexico.

The mushrooms are also popular in South America and Africa. Many people believe penis envy shrooms have aphrodisiac qualities, which is why it’s sometimes called “love mushrooms.” People use them for recreational purposes or to enhance their sex lives. buy penis envy

Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Penis enyy is a psychedelic mushroom which is use in the making of so many mushroom chocolate bars of it’s unique properties¬† and this chocolate bars helps give the consumers a more better experience because of the addition of milk and chocolate in many different flavors

Penis envy is a strain of psilocybe cubensis, the most common type of mushroom in the world. It’s also known as PES or Penis Envy Shrooms (because it helps with male performance).

Penis envy is one of the most potent strains out there and contains some pretty trippy effects that can last up to 12 hours if you take enough! It’s perfect if you want to have some fun with your partner or friends while enhancing your sex life.

Penis Envy Spores

You can purchase penis envy spores mixed with chocolate to give you a better experience today, and enjoy a more fulfilling sex life.

Penis envy shrooms are not actually legal in the USA, But they’re very safe to use. The effects of penis envy are great for improving your sex life, and getting you back on track after an injury or illness has caused problems with your performance in bed.

This product has been tested by professionals who have used it themselves, and found that it works wonders for helping men get back into shape after an injury or illness has left them feeling less than confident about their abilities as lovers. penis envy spores


Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bars Legal

Buy Penis Envy

Penis envy mushrooms are not legal in the USA. They are illegal to buy, sell and possess in this country. If you have them in your possession, you could go to prison for a long time!

But we can get these mushroom chocolate bars to you without getting into any unnecessary problems and yet at the best prices

There are many countries where penis envy shrooms can be bought and sold legally but we can still get them to you with USA in 48 hours maximum.

Penis Envy Mushrooms Effects

Penis envy mushrooms may cause visual distortions, cognitive alterations, and euphoric experiences in the form of spiritual experiences.

Psychedelics have been employed by individuals in ceremonial and religious ceremonies. Experts have more recently researched their medicinal effects.
People should be aware that psychedelic mushrooms are potent chemicals that can provide profound experiences, both good and bad, despite their potential benefits.


How Long Do Mushrooms Last

The effects of penis envy shrooms last for about 6 hours depending on how much consumed, but the high will be felt for about 4 to 6 hours.

It’s important to note that there are many factors that affect how long the drug stays in your system, such as your metabolism and body weight.

The amount of time it takes for the drug to leave your body depends on how much you’ve eaten or drank during that period of time as well as what other drugs (prescription or otherwise) were taken alongside penis envy shrooms.


We hope that this article has helped you understand the basics of penis envy shrooms and chocolate bars. We know that it can be a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, we’re sure that you will love these amazing mushrooms!


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